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Fundamentals of Statics

This course focuses on some of the fundamental concepts in static analysis. It’s a great starting point for anyone struggling with basic structural analysis techniques.

Master Shear Force & Bending Moment Diagrams

Too many engineering students never manage to master this fundamental and essential skill. In this course we’ll develop a systematic approach to constructing shear force and bending moment diagrams.

Indeterminate Structures & Moment Distribution

We can’t go too far in engineering without running into indeterminate structures. In this course we’ll expand your analysis toolbox with the moment distribution analysis method.

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Dr Seán Carroll B.Eng (Hons), M.Sc, Ph.D, CEng MIEI, FHEA

Seán is a UK based lecturer in structural engineering and a chartered engineer. He holds a degree in structural engineering, a masters degree in civil engineering and a PhD, also in civil engineering. After graduating in 2006, Seán worked for several years as a structural design engineer before pursuing a PhD in structural dynamics. In addition to his civil engineering research, Seán's other passion is teaching. Whether that's live in the lecture hall or here on DegreeTutors.com. Seán is also a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy in the UK, a recognition of his commitment to professionalism in teaching and learning in higher education.

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What students say

Sean outlines a concept and then explores each part in detail allowing the ideas to sink in and connections to be made. I highly recommend this course.

Online student – Fundamentals of Internal Bending Moments

‘This course is well thought out and gives clear and basic understanding of calculating static forces’

Online student – Fundamentals of Statics

‘Understanding the concepts provided in this course got me to a point where I can solve almost any statics fundamental problem. It seemed difficult at the beginning but after practicing for few hours, everything became easier and clear.’

Online student – Fundamentals of Statics

‘Because Dr Carroll is so engaging as a lecturer he makes what potentially could be a very dry topic, very interesting’

Former student

‘Very engaging lecturer with great industry experience to add to the theory’

Former student

‘Enthusiastic lecturer makes subject stimulating’

Former student

‘I really enjoyed the course, thank you!!’

Online student – Fundamentals of Statics

Fundamentals of Statics


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